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Reception Information

Reception and Administration Departments

Within the Practice we have a Reception Team of 11 and an Administration Team of 4, comprising of full-time and part-time staff. Both departments are overseen by the Office Manager. Our trained staff will strive to help with any enquiries and questions you may have. The Practice cares for in excess of 17,700 patients and can be extremely busy at times, particularly at 8.30am so please bear with us and if your enquiry is of a routine nature it would be helpful if you could ring after 2pm.

Reception area

We have a touch screen self-arrival computer in the Foyer. There are written instructions to help you. If you would like a member of staff to assist you, please ask at Reception. It is easy to use and can avoid a wait in the queue at busy times. If you have a sample to drop in, there is a post box to the right of the Dispensary hatch. Please always ensure your name and date of birth is on the container. Our Reception staff fully understand that sometimes you may need to speak to someone regarding a sensitive matter which is difficult at the screened desk. If you wish to discuss something privately, just ask.


Our present appointment system is structured to offer our patients the best opportunity to book with the appropriate person and be seen when it is medically necessary. Some of our Assistant GPs only work part time, please see the attached link – Assistant GP Work Patterns. We take appointment bookings from 8.30am each morning Monday to Friday. To help us deal with your telephone enquiry as quickly as possible, please listen carefully to all options in the telephone message so that you get transferred to the correct department. We have a Nurse Practitioner who works 4.5 days per week and a Minor Illness Nurse who works 4 days per week alongside the GPs. They can diagnose and prescribe medication and deal with many medical complaints and illnesses that do not require a doctor’s intervention. See the attached link for full details – What can the Nurse Practitioner/Minor Illness Nurse deal with? On Mondays and Wednesdays all day and Friday afternoons there are very limited advanced bookings so that we can offer the majority of appointments on the day. A larger proportion of our appointments can be booked in advance on other days. We would strongly encourage patients to advance book if the Clinician has requested them to return for a follow up appointment (e.g. in 2 or 4 weeks) or if it is for a routine appointment. We have pre-planned appointments on Saturday mornings between 8am and 12 noon. These are generally for medicals and longer appointments or if you work throughout the week and cannot attend during normal Surgery hours. We also offer Nurse appointments for certain procedures. Please note: we have no telephone contact on the Saturday so if you need to cancel please do so in advance if possible. If you have difficulty attending the Practice as you live outside of the town and depend on public transport or if you have limited time available because you are a Carer for a relative, please let the Receptionist know so that we can try and accommodate your request. We have a limited number of appointments that can be booked online via our website. You will need your patient number before you start but then just follow the ‘booking online’ link at We have a huge number of missed appointments each week (averaging around 90). We understand it is difficult to get through at times to cancel your appointment but we would appreciate it if you could let us know so that the appointment can be used for another patient.


Your GP may feel it necessary to refer you to a Specialist. For all referrals we will need to know if you smoke and have an up-to-date reading of your height, weight and blood pressure. Your GP should do this for you at the time, if not please let Reception know and we will arrange for it to be done for you before you leave the Practice. If you have an enquiry regarding your referral please speak to one of the Medical Secretaries. Please listen for the correct option on the telephone message (press 4 then 1).