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If your Doctor prescribes medication, which is long term, you may be permitted to order a supply without seeing your Doctor. This will normally be for a set length of time after which you will need to make an appointment. Ordering repeat medication can be done in the following ways:

  1. In writing to the Medical Centre, delivered by hand, post, or fax. Use your prescription counterfoil (to the right of the prescription) or the slips provided.

  2. In writing to a chemist in Launceston, Alliance Boots, Day Lewis, and Tescos. Requests will be delivered to us twice daily. If you normally get your medication from a chemist in Launceston your request may be handed into them.

  3. Via the online repeat prescription form.

Some requests will be referred back to your Doctor for approval, we therefore ask for at least 3 working days (preferably longer if possible) to process all prescriptions. If we do not dispense you medication, prescriptions may be delivered to your choice of Launceston chemist rather than collected from the Medical Centre.